Sugar Inc
1. Massing Study Model (1:2.500). Study model to research extreme densities on London's Hackney Marshes. 2. Cellular Cluster (1:500). Study model of rule-based cellular aggregations. 3. High-rise Cluster (1:1000). Massing diagram of a high-rise cluster defined by a 3d Urban Mesh algorithm which allows for the organisation of the urban mass through the definition circulation systems. 4. Unit Aggregation Model (1:250). This prototype follows the computational logic of the 3d Urban Mesh Algorithm. Circulation spines connect public nodes, generating an urban network. Along these spines, spatial units self-organise defining structural nodes for a fibrous structural growth. 5. STL-model (1:10.000). Estimated future economical, political and demographical parameters define a possible outcome of the urban sprawl condenser generated on London's Hackney Marshes.