Sugar Inc
1. Hot Glue Model (1:500). This model tests the properties of a fibrous structure by using glue fibres to form a chaotic fibrous structural skin under tension. 2. Acrylic Fibrous Structure (1:50). A detailed understanding of the interstitial spaces between spatial units was investigated with this model, producing a redundant structure that incorporates random behaviour. 3. Steel Fibrous Structure (1:100). This section model shows the aggregation of Cellular Spaces, merged together in order to achieve wider inhabitable units. Steel fibres were soldered together to define the structure that encloses both the spatial units, vertical circulation system and the definition of horizontal planes. 4. Cellular Aggregation (1:250). Cluster formation generated by the aggregation of 1000 acrylic spheres of 3 different sizes. The cells self-organise responding to optic fibres under tension. This prototype was presented at the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale as a collateral event "From Favelas to Parametric Cities". 5. SLS-model (1:100). SLS-model of two interconnected inhabitable spaces suspended into a fibrous structure.